Our Process

We serve our clients with a consultative, team-based approach that examines all aspects of your financial life that includes wealth management, retirement planning and estate planning. Individual investments and the markets fluctuate over time, and as professionals, it’s our job to enable you to make informed financial decisions using the full complement of resources at our disposal. This process provides a framework for making decisions collaboratively and overseeing the outcome of those decisions over time. Each step involves interaction between our team, you and outside professionals, if needed.

Client First Service

Capital Investment Services is focused on building long-term relationships, by providing “Client First” service. As an independent practice, we’re dedicated to delivering high-value financial guidance, paired with a unique understanding of the community we all share. By building relationships with our clients, our team is able to better educate you on the dynamics of the market, your investments and how to develop a financial plan that can meet your individual needs.

    Transitional Architects

    Our investment philosophy is built using a defined modeling process and a customized investment strategy to take our clients through each transition of their financial life. From wealth building, to navigating through the loss of a loved one, to planning and implementing retirement- every life transition can be impactful to your financial plan.

    Our advisors are the Transitional Architects of building portfolios that have a deep focus on managing risk first, then return and are driven by your individual transtion of life.

    Our Custom Wealth Management Four-Step Advisory Process

    We use a variety of tools to understand your personal goals, current financial situation, investment experience and risk tolerance. In this step, we make you, the client, fully aware of our capabilities and provide educational support to help you meet your objectives.

    In this step, our team analyzes the information you share with us and designs a solution intended to help you reach your objectives.

    Next, we execute your customized strategy using the extensive tools available to us.

    Once implemented, we review often the progress of our recommendations and suggest changes where needed. Your involvement in the process and communication with our team is important in managing your defined objectives while navigating significant changes in your life. Together, we accomplish this by providing ongoing reporting of your account activity and conducting periodic reviews of your portfolio.